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Terms of Sales

 These general conditions of sale apply to orders placed by the buyer.

I.- Placing orders.

 The customer shall place orders in accordance with the specifications listed on this website. All orders must be made for a package containing the same product or assortment, as presented on the website

 The orders are definitely accepted by Domaine Christian Miolane, after collecting money from the amount of the order.

 When you order, you must prove your birthday. We reserve the right to refuse the sale if it was done by a minor under 18 years.


II.- Faculty of withdrawal.

Regardling to Article L 121-16 of the French Consumer Code, within 7 days of delivery of products ordered, the buyer can arrange for return of goods (cost dependent) in their original packaging and request their refund, less postage, and all products initiated or consumed.  The return of goods will be arranged by the buyer.


III.- Delivery.

 Goods ordered will be delivered within the time stated on this website.  Deliveries will be made by issuing DOMAINE Christian Miolane by a shipper or carrier of goods ordered.

In case of payment by check, order processing will be made after receipt of the settlement. does not currently offer delivery outside France. For deliveries in EEC countries, thank you to contact us. For deliveries to countries outside the EEC, thank you to contact us also. We then propose a suitable transport to your location.

Domaine Christian Miolane
'La Folie' 
69460 Salles-Arbuissonnas en Beaujolais 

Phone +33 (0) 4 74 67 52 67
 Fax: +33 (0) 4 74 67 59 95

All events of any kind, beyond the control of Domaine Christian Miolane, such as accident, strike, administrative decision or stoppage of transport, which would tend to delay, impede and make exorbitant execution of supply, provide, by express agreement, a cause for suspension or termination of obligations from Domaine Christian Miolane  at will, without compensation to the customer.

 In any event, any delay in delivery can result in damages, withholding or cancellation of orders.

 The products are available at the agreed place when placing the order, plus shipping cost listed on the swebite; chooses, in any event, the carrier.

The consignee of the goods shall be, in damaged or missing, all the necessary findings from the carrier, he must inform within 48 h.

Without prejudice to take with  the carrier, claims on the apparent defects or non-compliance of the product delivered must be made in writing within 8 days of arrival of goods at the address listed on the website.

It is the buyer responsability to provide any justification as to the reality of defects or anomalies.

IV.- Price.

 The price applicable to goods ordered is listed on the order of the buyer on the day of order, and for the country concerned.   All payements are in €, when paying by credit card or check.

 V. - Payment.

 Goods are payable in full in one payment in order.


Three resolution options are available to you:

  •  payment by credit card.

 The transaction goes through the PayPal secure server. You do not have to have a PayPal account.

  •  Payment by check.

 Your order will be processed on receipt of payment.

The buyer may pay by check (but only in the currency €). The check is made payable to E.U.R.L. Domaine MIOLANE and send to the address below:


 Domaine Christian Miolane

'La Folie'

69460 Salles-Arbuissonnas en Beaujolais 


  •  The wire transfer.

 Your order will be processed on receipt of payment.

 The wire transfer is to be performed on the account whose information is given during the order process.


VI .- Retention of property.

 It was agreed that the goods delivered and invoiced to the buyer remain the property of Domaine Christian Miolane, until full payment, this according to French law No. 80335 of May 12, 1980, and in Articles 115 paragraph 2 and 122 of Law No. 85.98 of January 25, 1985.

Sales are made with reservation of ownership and transfer of this property does that full payment of the price.   Failure to pay could lead to claim the goods.

 The above provisions do not preclude, after delivery, transfer to the buyer, claims for loss or damage to property and damage it may cause.

VII.- Stock available.

 Products listed in the catalog may be ordered not only within the limits of available stocks.

VIII.- Personal data.

 The data collected as part of the present are collected by Domaine Christian Miolane and to him.   Under the French Act of January 6, 1978, the buyer has a right of access, rectification and opposition on the data collected.

Any request for amendment and correction should be addressed to:

Customer Service
'La Folie'

64460 Salles-Arbuissonnas en Beaujolais

These general conditions of sale are derogatory, as they relate to non-professionals, the general conditions of sale on the back of invoices.

 Special Orders

DOMAINE MIOLANE wants answers to specific requests to be expressed, and deliveries outside the European community. For each of these requests, we suggest you contact our services. They will do their utmost to find a way to satisfy you:

e-mail :


 Customer Service
'La Folie'

64460 Salles-Arbuissonnas en Beaujolais